Taylor Duncan and Nic Evans Wedding Registry

Taylor Duncan and Nic Evans Wedding

August 1, 2015

To purchase from this registry please call 423-929-9007.

1123.1Hartland Goblet124$70
1136.1Woodstock Red Wine Glass120$70
1214.1Woodstock Pitcher Large11$150
1494.2Barre Bowl Large10$200
1494.2Barre Bowl Medium10$140
1230.2Woodbury Bowl Medium10$140
5478.1Woodbury Rectangular Bowl Medium10$140
5478.1Woodbury Rectangular Bowl Large10$165
1628.1Woodbury Vase Petite10$85
1277Woodbury Vase Medium10$130
5043443_5Pom Pom Lily Napkins Flax3 Sets of 42$98
HDP02WCaspari Square Charger126$20
Bowls-Group_1_1024x1024Andrew Pearce Bowl Black Walnut 13"10$195