Donation Requests

Donation Requests



We grew up and live in this community, and strive to be as charitable as possible. In addition to our “Giving Back is The New Black” series of events where we give 20% of a day’s sales directly to a sponsored organization, we also honor many donation requests every year. Unfortunately, we are a small business and our funds are somewhat limited. As much as we would like to honor every request, we simply cannot meet the number of requests that we receive, usually several per day.

Therefore, we have had to create a system to receive and evaluate donation requests so we can be as equitable as possible.

To request a donation, please fill out and submit the following online form at least 8 weeks prior to your event. We are limited in what we can afford to donate, and time is required for us to budget for our charitable giving.

Thank you, and we wish you the best of luck in your fundraising endeavors.

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